[Shop-SMP2-3226] Double Chest Liquidation

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  1. Hello my ladies and gentlemen!
    Here we have a sale for all!
    The Double chest Liquidator!

    Come on down to 3226 SMP2 and save!

    The main deal is zombie virus! 170r or 180r each! We have TWO double chests to empty!

    We have a double chest of sandstone. 16 will cost you 25r or 27r

    For all you mob arena battlers and nether explorers we have a double chest of fire resistance 8:00 potions that must go! 20r or 22r each!

    Now you may be wondering what the deal is with these two prices are?
    Well I believe that you can be generous or get big sales! So you have to prices to chose from!
    I won't be at all offended if you buy the cheeper price at all!
    It determines how much I make or lose!

    *Time of sale subject to change bassed on demand

    Comment what you want to see next!

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  2. I'll swing by :)
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  3. Only 5 more books left!
  4. It says that the silk touch books are not regonized. What does that mean?
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  5. It is a Slot shop...
    There is no item in the slot...
    I ran out sorry :(
  6. Awww it's okay
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  7. 21 stacks of Iron Left!
  8. Could u do me a good deal on Iron Ingots I need a lot but only have a small amount of cash it's in the range of 500 700 r
  9. There is a chest shop set up...
    I am selling 1 or 8 at a time...
    the cheep price is 4r each. However you can pay 5r each if you want to :)

    The res is 3226 smp2
  10. Which shaders do you use :D?
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  11. Those are the ones keralis uses
    They don't run so well seeing I have a macbook with little grunt for that kinda stuff ;)
    Here is a link to the video... (shader pack in description :))
    I normally use chaos13's low because they run well for me...
    But for eye candy purposes this was the way to go :p
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  12. I'd like to see Protection IV Books next :3
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  13. 8 stacks of iron left!
  14. Everything is gone! See you soon with another one!
  15. New Sale underway! See OP for details!