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    /v 1783

    That is all..

  2. I think this thread needs more sauce for the holy beef.
    For example: What products do you sell? what are the prices of them? who helps stocking? any details?
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  3. We sell all items,

    If you would like to help stock /v 1577 and talk to me.
  4. I'll check it out :)
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  5. You sell dragon eggs also! ZOMG!! I will buy them out!!!
  6. Be realistic. Since when do people sell them? they're sacred in game, so people wont depart with them.
  7. There are actually 5 ender drago eggs on EMC. Try /v 3456, /v 3443 and check Dragonia hotel (from which camed the name of the hotel itself)
    Yes, they were sold for Rupees.
    And no, you didn't get the concept of the statment.
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  8. You sell pandas? on minecraft?
    I totally have to visit your shop.
  9. I got it, XD
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  10. What Smp is the draconia on?
  11. Utopia, try Eclipsys 2
  12. Thank you kindly