[SHOP - SM6] Welshie's One Stop Shop, Cafe, and Nice Little Flower Shop

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  1. i finally worked out how to do teleporty signs to make my village easier to navigate! why not come and see my crowning jewel:

    The One Stop Shop! Everything you need when you are headed to the Waste! Have you just lost your sword miles from a spawn before looking at the map? Do you want to start fresh? This is the shop for you! Everything you need from Golem Kits to Seeds to Arrows to Diamond Pickaxes.

    Wanting to do a little decorating? can't find the flowers you want? Look no further than the Nice Little Flower Shop:

    Or for more substantial decoration, the Masonry Shop:

    Or for soft furnishings, dyes and cloth, come to the Wool and Dye Emporium, set in a Paladian Georgian style warehouse!

    Finally, don't go without visiting my little cafe and pie shop!

    All to be found (and more coming soon) at Server 6 at /v welshficwitch