[SHOP] Shulker boxes, bulk blocks, elytra, god armor, and more

Discussion in 'Business Listings' started by Runningrhino, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Stopped by to buy some shulker boxes, but you are out of stock, please let me know when you restock.

    I am interested in buying at least 5 and up to a full DC when my current auction pays.

    Would you consider a bulk price on a larger purchase?
  2. Heyo, I could probably do a bulk price for you. I am currently on spring break so I won't be back for a few days, but I have around 70 shulker boxes ready to go when I get back. Sorry to everyone that is trying to buy things that arent stocked right now, I'll get everything filled up soon!

    Ill send you a pm when I'm back and we can figure out a bulk price and amount. Thanks!
  3. Hopefully, by the time you are back, I will have been paid and we can deal on a bulk purchase, thanks.
  4. Any word on restocking?
  5. I will get some major restocking done by tomorrow, I have a bunch of stuff to bring back from the end, I can't be on today for a bit but I will get everything by late tonight/tomorrow
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  6. I restocked a bunch of shulker boxes, elytra, and dragon heads. Let me know if you need anything else!
  7. Bump! Also my 7th year on EMC today!!
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  8. I do well at supplying and selling, so might I ask, do you buy anything for your shop? Bulk buying? If not, do you plan on it in the future?

    Congrats on your 7th year btw. ✌️