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  1. Hi everyone its beradswell and I was hoping for some feed back on prices for my give shop I am putting in my res (106). The reason being is I would to make it affordable for every one to get what they need but that the same time not just give away stuff. I feel that if you just give somebody something they don’t have the best gaming experience that is possible. Contrary to popular belief mining is haft the fun. So I was thinking that I would just make every thing 25% to 50% off what ever the empire minecraft store prices are for example: the empire minecraft store’s price for diamond is 100 rupee’s so I would sell them for around 50 to 70 rupee’s. Let me know what you think and list some price’s if you can and have the time for the following items. thank you

    Sand stone
    Red stone
    Slime balls

    If you have a opinion on any other materiel let me know and I will see what I can do

    (note: please don’t put one rupee or free I really am looking for feed back thanks J)

    Ps. Visit soon and check the progress Type: /visit 106
  2. Slime Balls- 50-75
  3. Thank you for the feed back that sounds like a good price for slime balls :)
  4. Yeah 50 balls for 75 is not bad....
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  5. there alot harder to get then diamonds that for sure! lol
  6. Lol no I meant I'll pay 50-75R
  7. so you would pay up to 70 rupees for 1 slime ball?
  8. Ya but I would like it down more in the 55-65 range
  9. it will not be over 50 rupees i can tell you that lol. i want it to be a fair price so maybe 25 to 35 rupees for a slime ball doses that sound good ducky?
  10. sweet 513 sells them for 75 lol
  11. wow thats to much
  12. I know but, he's the only one that sells them so no other choice(unless you find em)
  13. I will have my Liberty Moochel gift shop up today! :)
  14. One more thing I'll help you with it (the store) if you need help
  15. Thank you for your support and feed back duck from your friends at Liberty Moochel

    Ps. let me know of some other price for the items on the list if you can
  16. just go to my res beards. we can do some collaboration and not get into a free market price war. :p

    btw ive been selling my slime balls for a week now at 50r and diamonds for 70r

    (go shameless advertisement! /visit 207) i feel dirty....
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  17. Gunpowder 30r
  18. my slime balls are 35 r and my diamond is 35 r take that! ;) (/visit 106)
  19. Beards got to say the cobble is a little outrageous, quite a bit of the people have cobblestone generators so you probably want to drop the price for cobble by like 20r or so.
  20. my cobble is less than a dollar lol
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