shop out of business (sorta)

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  1. i know several people who like the prices and variety of stuff in my store on smp4 but until i can figure out what is affecting my computer or router i will not be able to restock anything. the only way i will be able to get things in my store is by people selling them to me. i think i might possibly have a DNS changer virus on my router that is preventing me from accessing any public minecraft server. i will be trying to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. until then i will take suggestions on what to do greatfully just message them to me
  2. What exactly is the problem? Are you able to not access anything but minecraft?
  3. i can login through the minecraft.exe but when i try to connect to the/any server, besides my own which i connect through via a 3rd party VPN, it gives me the error "internal client error:"
  4. I googled your error and there are fixes for it on you tube . It looks like it has to do with when shut down last week, some people's IPs did not reconnect with the servers. It looks like it has happened to quite a few people.
  5. ok i will try that again i didnt get results the first time
  6. i got it working thank you very much for your help i will slowly be getting my shop stocked back up