Shop opinions needed!!! This benefits you!

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Which one?

Small store 15 vote(s) 68.2%
Charcoal shop 6 vote(s) 27.3%
Other (mention below) 1 vote(s) 4.5%
  1. Hey EMC! So i finally got around to building a shop...i have 2 ideas that i need you guys to give me opinions on which one is better and you would use more and what the community would benefit more from. Thanks :) please give a reason as well ;) i am deciding between a small store that sells a bunch of useful items such as food, main blocks, etc. or a shop that sells charcoal in bulk. What do you guys think? :D thanks for your time and please vote as well above
  2. you should make a giant upside down breakdancing pixel skeleton
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  3. I said small, a nice small, organized, easy to get around is always nice. People like to have things right there and then not everything half a mile away :)
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  4. Mhm with my all my building skills it would end up looking like a rightside up square :p
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  5. Just a side note: in the small store i will be selling charcoal just not in huge bulk :p
  6. I voted bulk charcoal. There's a 100 small shops around selling food. It's the one thing all newbies start with.

    What is in demand, and i hear people asking for all the time is a Fuel source, coal.

    And if you are selling charcoal, you probably have a source of wood, which is also a high demand item. So sell both!

    I am planning to stock large volumes of raw building materials like this. People need bulk supplies for ever more demanding projects.... anyway, as i said. If you can be a garanteed source of charcoal, you will have big business. (then build your little shop next to it).
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  7. Bump :) I have the little store setup already at 15333 if you want to see what i will be selling if i use the little store
  8. Bump! Come on guys i need opinions! :)
  9. Charcoal. and sell torches, ovens, and other coal/charcoal based products.