[SHOP OPENING+LOTTERY] Planting The Seed For New Ideas!

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Does this event sound interesting?

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  1. In three weeks time, Tuesday the 24th September EST, I will be officially opening the Home Grown Shop!

    At Noon, EST, I will be officially opening my new shop, first level, and giving away 64 of every product to the lucky winner! Just post your entry, come on the day, and win big!

    Also, I would like to thank the owners of the following residences for selling me the wool I use for the roof.

    Donations are accepted, but not necessary. I will be setting up a hopper and chest for any and all donations, but the main event will be the raffle.

    Come and have fun at the Home Grown Shop!

    EDIT: I just realized i got the date wrong! The raffle still has two more days!
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  2. I would like to enter! :)
  3. Every day until the event I'm checking this thread, and entries will be open until one hour until the event. just say you want to enter, and you're entered.
  4. I've not noticed a lot of activity on this thread, so i'll say that for every ten people that enter, i'll put up one secondary prize.
  5. I want to enter.
    Also this place sounds cool so i'll visit sometime!
  6. You're entered! Come on the day and you have a chance to win!
  7. I would love to enter! This is a great idea!
  8. I'd love to enter!
  9. I shall enter
  10. Enter! Congrats
  11. wait cant make it, school that day, i think
  12. I shall enter but, dunno if I can make it I have a field trip meeting that day
    And school
  13. If you can't make it, tell me, and if you win i'll PM you for collection time
  14. if i win pm, thanks
  15. the brick shall enter, this lottery.
  16. Entry please :)
  17. i would like to enter but i most likely am busy that day
  18. yea I will be at school. If I win, pls contact me on the server or on the site via thread or pm. Thanks! :)
  19. Getting a new business partner. If you see Sebhassink feel free to say hi!
  20. I would like to enter :)