Shop Open, Silk Touched Ores

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  1. Just come on over to smp3 and pick up your diamond, coal, redstone, or lapiz ore from my residence.

    Prices are 200, 40, 100, and 150 200 (edit, price raised BC lapiz is RARE) respectively.

    PS my res on smp3 is 6392
  2. everyone looks at my thread. No one says anything. :D
  3. Super Post...

    prices are better then most I've seen...

    -Post Highjack Below-
    Try using your pickaxe on my Diamond Ore on Lot 103 :)

  4. if you leave me a box with perms I will mine it and return, in case you want to move it.
  5. That's not diamond ore, that's glowstone ore. . . interesting.
  6. Well it's suppose to be diamond...
  7. I have restocked.
  8. is this notch