{Shop-of-Wonder} SOW introduces... CLOTHING!

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  1. Hello EMCers! I have brought to you... My very own clothing store!

    [ Disclaimer - All clothes bought from SOW will not and cannot be returned, no matter how hard you bribe, or beg me. ]

    I own this very shop, it sells all types of cltohing, Gold, Diamond, Iron, Chainmail, and leather!

    2012-12-09_14.22.34.png 2012-12-09_14.22.41.png 2012-12-09_14.22.56.png

    I stock it myself, no help from others, it also sells a variety of snack foods that you can take on the go!

    Residence 14664 SMP7

    Everyday, I have a variety of special deals known as "Deals Of The Day" which will either be free, or very cheap, check by daily and if your lucky, you will get it! =)
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  2. Sounds epic. I will surely take a look. :'-)
  3. We sell Armour too! =)
  4. Is there any dyed leather amour?
  5. No move?
  6. Oops! =P
  7. Yes!

    Everyone now has move! Sorry about that! =P
  8. Can you make coloured armour?
  9. I have some colored armour in stock, and I can stock them up whenever needed, and will be changed colors throughout the week. =)