Shop Notify not working ..

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  1. I ve had my shop notify on my /ps turned on for awhile.. but i never get any kind of notification.. I assumed from what i read that i was to get notified whenever someone interacts with my shop signs? This would have been useful the other night when someone sold me 70k worth of glowstone via shop sign while i was logged in ...:mad: .. Is any reason why mine isn't working?
  2. Weird, but next time always limit your chest capacity to avoid that.
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  3. It was in the pre opening stages ... when i was in the process of making all 1 million shop signs :p ... so i didnt have a chance to fill chests with dirt...
  4. I do not know why your notifications are not working, all I can say is to double check your Player Settings and activate shop notifications once again but I do have a tip to stop people from selling so much to you.

    My tip which I do sometimes use is to fill a sale chest up with dirt to the point in which I am happy to buy a certain amount of a particular item. *Example* If I were to set up a chest shop buying potatoes for one rupee each, but I only wanted to lose a certain number of rupees at maximum or buy a certain amount of an item, I would fill the entire chest up with dirt apart from the first slot (with one potato in so the shop recognizes the item in this case) and then people can only sell up to the maximum slot number for that item, in this case, 63 potatoes can be sold and I can only lose 63 rupees at maximum.

    That may sound confusing but it is all quite simple when you apply the system to your shops that you are buying from. This way, nobody can ever sell you more than you need or take away more rupees than you would like. I hope this helps, and hopefully somebody else will know what is up with your player settings! :)

    EDIT: And now I see that you have already talked about chest filling in the time it has taken to write this post, my bad...
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  5. Ive tried everything and i cannot get the shop notification to turn on ... maybe its a bug ... idk its frustrating anyone have any ideas ?
  6. Notifications work fine for me on smp3.
  7. Maybe it's reversed and it works when it's says shop notify if off
  8. Try making sure it's on for both your current server AND all others
  9. Yes It is on for all servers ... Still nothing .. Ive tried it different ways all with the same results ..
  10. Do you have /chat status off ? Maybe that would stop the message if you do.