[shop] New Enchant / Mob arena Shop 10017! SMP5!

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  1. I just finished setting up my new shop on SMP5 at residence 10017!
    I have some chests setup, swing by and buy some stuff!

    I would like feedback and what else to do, to do with the shop.

    If you have any suggestions on pricing of the enchants or what you'd like to see sold other than what you can see there, let me know!
    Selling: Mainly Diamond Pickaxes, Shovels, some enchanted books and God armor!
    • Enchanted books ( only the best! )
    • God Armor ( unbreaking III, protection IV )
    • Notch Apples ( 8 gold blocks surrounding an apple )
    • Wither Skeleton Skulls
    • Beacons ( not yet )
    • Diamond Pickaxe ( unbreaking III, efficiency V )
    • Diamond Shovel ( " " )
    • Diamond Axe ( " " )
    • Diamond Sword ( sharpness V, looting III )
    Potions will be sold as well soon.
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  2. Bump! Shop is starting to get up and running! You can buy items.
  3. Sold out of god armor today, thanks all! Will be restocked tomorrow.
    Lots of efficiency V unbreaking III pick axes and shovels in stock!
  4. Bump! Tons of Efficiency V Unbreaking III pickaxes and shovels in stock at 4k a pop!