[SHOP] New Cobble/Smooth Stone Shop 19400 smp9

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  1. Hey EMC

    Today I opened my cobble/smooth stone bulk shop on SMP9 @ 19400.

    I've noticed in the past, there was a huge demand on stone, so I thought why don't I open a cobble/smooth stone shop.
    So the past few weeks i've been making/stocking my shop and today is the day of the opening.

    Come and visit my shop when u need stone.

    Here some more pictures:

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  2. I love you, I'll buy a sold 5 DC's in a moment
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  3. I also have a suggestion, you should sell more than 9 stacks at a time, like a SC at a time.
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  4. will fix it later today, thx for the feedback
  5. Looking good man. Cobble and stone tend to be always in demand, so youll sell it all in no time =P
    +1 EMC needed a shop like this one
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  6. Just a question, what are the prices like? Because I have been using my own resources to gather stone recently, and the 39 level repairs are killing me. I might buy a DC or two.
  7. I don't remember what they were but it is less than 10k for 5 DC's (for cobble)
  8. stone is 64 a stack and cobble is like 34 i believe or something along those lines
  9. Dang.... I was just thinking on mass supplying stone :/ seems you beat me to it
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  10. Thx Ultimamaxx
  11. Went there yesterday and it's a nice place.
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  12. Thx to all guys who visited my store recently, i keep restocking so keep coming and buy lots of stone.

    thx guys