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  1. To celebrate 500 days here on EMC I have decided to open a mini-shop.

    I'm slightly early, but I will be away visiting family and I wanted to have it around.

    Items on sale:

    See post underneath for up-to date list of items and prices

    How to reach it:

    /smp8 +mordor, then go up 2 floors with the central staircase, looking at the dragon head sculpture, it will be on your right

    /smp8 "/v +mordor +shop" OR "/v +theoneshop"

    There is now a tp hub! To reach it, look behind the staircase pillar

    1. No bulk buying unless either the item is specifically marked or you have been authorized. I reserve the right to ban you from the residence/shop if you don't follow the rule.
  2. Item list and prices per unit:

    Bulk allowed (pm me for orders):

    - Slime blocks at 20 (current order limit, 1DC)

    No bulk:

    - Soul Speed 3 books at 175
    - Swift Sneak 3 books at 1950
    - Music disc 5 at 2000
    - Music disc Otherside at 4900
    - Beacons at 1400
    - Snout banner patterns at 100
    - Banner "The Eye of Sauron" at 150
    - Allay egg at 90
    - Echo shard at 250
    - Diamond Horse Armor at 900
    - Shulker shells at 3
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  3. Trust me, they'll be well-distributed :p
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  4. Some swift sneak 3 books back in stock! :)
    Prices of all items updated given market demand (or lack thereof)

    Please take note of the no-bulk buying rule.
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  5. Allay eggs will be added later today, or tomorrow at the latest :)
  6. Added a small tp hub to make it easier to reach the shop (and other residence highlights)
  7. Do you mind me asking what you consider bulk buying? When I go shopping and since I really don't build I tend to buy stuff to fill a row in my inventory or an even stack. I don't buy to resell and I tend to buy to just support other players.

    Actually, I have never understood the reason behind no bulk buying rules at any shop.

    I buy to have fun and I don't want to offend or be blocked by anyone. 🙂
  8. thank you for asking.

    some of these items require quite a lot of exploring and effort to collect.

    if you buy 9 swift sneak 3 books, or 9 discs, for me that would be bulk buying for example. or a stack of echo shards.

    I appreciate the intent to support. On the other hand, I would like to see the items going to as many players that need them as possible.
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  9. There is now the possibility to buy Slime blocks in bulk (up to 1DC for the moment)!

    PM me here for orders and we'll discuss delivery ;)
  10. UPDATE:

    simplified access. Now reachable via:

    "/v +mordor +shop" OR "/v +theoneshop"
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