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  1. Meowmart began in August of 2014, as a tiny outcropping from my house. Back then it didn't have a name, but it did have a goal. The goal was to bring everyone cheap and useful goods in the most concise way. As time passed and it continued to grow, it became apparent that a true mall would need to be made. At the beginning of the New Year construction began and by January 23 2015 the final block was placed. Meowmart now had a new face, a new plot number and even a name, but one thing didn't change. The goal to make a different kind of shop, that makes a difference in you life. Come see for yourself at 19398 on smp9.

    Once on smp9 you can get there using
    /v 19398
    /v GeistKitsune 2
    /v +Meowmart
    /v +MM
  2. What you can buy here :

    Rideable Companions
    -Horses, Donkeys and Mules
    -Name tag, Saddle, Leash and Golden carrots

    Building Blocks *I will be adding the ability for you to sell to most of these*
    -Sand, Glass, Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone, Creeper Sandstone
    -Cobblestone, Stone, Stone Bricks, Circle Stone
    -Grass, Podzol
    -Nether Bricks, Glowstone, Obsidian
    -Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Sea Lanterns
    -Wood Logs [All Varieties]

    Enchanted Books
    -Most are available

    Enchanted Tools
    -God Sword, God Rod, God Bow flame I, God Bow flame II
    -Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 5 Shovels, Pick Axes and Axes
    -Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 5, Silk Touch Pick Axes
    -Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 5, Fortune III Pick Axes
    -Witherblade (Smite V god sword without knockback)

    Tools and Armor
    -Diamond Axes, Pick Axes, Swords and Shovels
    -Diamond Helms, Chestplates, Leggings and Boots

    Enchanted Armor
    -Diamond God Helm [Unbreaking 3, Protection 4, Aqua Affinity, Respiration 3]
    -Diamond God Chestplate [Unbreaking 3, Protection 4]
    -Diamond God Leggings [Unbreaking 3, Protection 4]
    -Diamond God Boots [Unbreaking 3, Protection 4, Depth Strider 3, Feather Falling 4]
  3. :DAcknowledgments:D

    A huge "Thank You" to everyone on this list.

    *Helped with my residences
    *Donated a Marlix Helmet, Vouchers and much more
    *Helped establish my two outposts; Cliffside and Farcity

    *Donated a Gold Supporter Voucher
    *Helped establish Cliffside

    *Donated over 20k in Building Materials for Mall
    *Helped Construct Mall and Helps Stock Mall
    *Helped establish Cliffside

    *Donated 3 Promos ; Eggcellent Wand, Holiday Candle, & Feast for a King

    *Donated a Dancer Egg
    *Donated a beautiful assortment of gems

    *Bought 3 Donation Ocelots

    *Donated 4 Stacks Glowstone

    *Bought 2 Donation Ocelots

    *Bought 2 Donation Ocelots

    *Donated 18 Stacks of white wool
    *Donated 850r

    *Bought a Donation Ocelot

    *Bought a Donation Ocelot

    *Bought a Donation Ocelot

    *Bought a Donation Ocelot

    *Bought a Donation Ocelot

    *Bought a Donation Ocelot

    *Donated a stack of redstone blocks

    *Donated 4 stacks of fish

    ==Donator Ranks==
    Platinum Donator : 50k +
    Diamond Donator : 5k +
    Gold Donator : 1.5k - 5k
    Iron Donator : 1r - 1.5k
  4. January News

    • The new thread is finally here! Though it isn't much different than before, it will be better this way. Bear with me as I improve it.
    • January 23 was the 1 year anniversary of when Meowmart became a mall! There were many loyal customers shopping that day, and little did they realize that I wrote down their names and entered them into a private drawing for 20,000r ! The winner is listed below.
    • Now buying and selling wood in bulk. Seller gets 94% profits!
    :DMeowmart's 1st Anniversary:D
    Random Lotto Winner
  5. March News

    • I spent all February making Meowmart better than ever! Fully stocked and organized a little better. I had to remove a few of the pet related items for now, but in their place are a ton of great Building Blocks.
    • Added Blocks : Stone Bricks, Circle Stone Bricks, Grass, Podzol and End Stone.
    • Added Banners (to building blocks section)
    • Blocks Coming Soon : End Bricks, End Crystals and Purpur (when 1.9 hits EMC)
    • New Books Coming soon!
  6. April News

    • Added : Diamond God Armor
    • Moved : Banners to 18550*
    • Removed : Flame II God Bows (this item will be sold in special chests only when I have them available)
    *18550 is my new Official smp9 Banner Mall. It has 3 floors of various banner designs, including world flag banners. Come check it out ;)