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Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by KatydidBuild, Jan 6, 2023.

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  1. I am excited and proud to offer a shop where players can buy & sell items. Whether it's half a stack or a shulker-full, everyone gets to sell their blocks and items. I have never wanted/ nor planned on my shop to be the stabilizing force in the economy. Competition is the best thing for everyone to be happy. But recent player store losses have left holes in the economy (and in our memories).
    Some of the shops still running on EMC are on this list:

    Lately, I have been having trouble being online consistently due to an ongoing health condition, but still have rupees for the store. I would like to hire an Assistant to check on the smp8 shop regularly and advertise the items that are low in stock. This also carries an opportunity to stock items yourself.
    Assistant Manager, Shop Manager... whatever title you like to work out. Send me a pm here with why you should get the job and we can talk.

    Some sections of the shop are headed to using remote signs with separate chest storage areas. As such, I will need more signs.
    Buying Remote Signs
    Chest on the glass walkway near the center is buying Remote shop signs. If the sign has been redeemed for a newer wood, it probably won't work with the sign. You'll need to contact me.
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  2. No Quantity Limits !!!

    Same issue as above. If there are items that you can consistently supply, then we will see what kind of perms you need to check chest levels for keeping those items stocked.
    If you cannot come to the shop on smp8, then you will need to stay in touch with the shop Manager, once they've been hired. For right now, I am well funded and please Buy or Sell whatever quantities you like to the shop.
  3. I have a number of remote signs I can donate, once I get a chance..
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  4. Mailed you a few remote signs. :)
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  5. I mailed you some remote signs as well
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  6. I sent you a PM
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  7. Thank you to several folks who sent remote signs or sold them to me!!
    I should have enough to renovate a few areas, but now some of that work begins.

    And we have a shop Manager found!

    Since this thread has served it's purpose, mods may close.
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  8. Thread closed as requested :)
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