Good idea?

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Yes! Why didn't I think of this? 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Idk I'd like to see how it turns out 6 vote(s) 46.2%
I don't think this'll work 3 vote(s) 23.1%
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  1. Hello Empire!
    This thread announces the beginning of Shop Ko.

    New idea as of April 16th 2016

    Instead of being an empire wide server Shop Ko. will be a company that inhabits a few smps'.

    The shops we plan on having are:

    Emerald Co. (Original Foundation)
    On smp1

    On smp3

    On smp5

    Kamp Grizzly
    On Utopia

    We have a top secret project underway, and will be revealed after its finished.

    The services we plan on have are:

    * Empire Rescue-
    This service is funded by donations of ruppes or gear.
    Empire Rescue is a division of the EMPD ( Empire Minecraft Police Department)
    They Rescue players lost in the waste or wild.

    *Empire Patrol
    The Empire patrol help new players feel at home, or help people with questions about the server.

    *EMPD PvP unit
    The EMPD PvP unit is specialized in PvP. They are called into action when they receive word of someone uses gapples.

    *EMPD Red Cross-
    This unit provides kits to new players, empire veterans.

    All of these units are run on donations! We do not charge for our services! All services can be found on smp6 at /v 12059

    Shop Ko. Is still doing construction and some shops and services will be un-available until the shops are done
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  2. Nice one Ches. I'm sure you spelled 'co' different on purpose right? ;D
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  3. Ill be making a donation towards the SMP2 shop
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  4. There's nothing on 2 (yet!)
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  5. But I want something on 2 :p
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  6. Bump
    Updated main post.
    Shop Ko. has planned for each shop to have a different specialty
  7. Bump
    Should be getting the rest of the residences needed before the new year :)
  8. Bump
    Updated main post
    More residences Obtained!
    Donations are appreciated
  9. Bump
    Shopping Centre is done on smp9
  10. How will you be able to get all of those residences? If you don't have enough, I could build a shop on smp8 for you. :)
  11. I have enough :) I just need to move 3 residences and I'll have all the residences I need.
  12. Just curious, is the map art on smp7 pixel art? If so, I thought that maps couldn't be transferred to other smp's.
  13. Not Sure yet.
    Might be pixel art. Letter art. Or maybe just showing great views in wild and waste?
    I'll let ya know :)
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