[Shop] Kevmeup's Woodshop and Jungle Retreat

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  1. Server: SMP4
    Location: /v 8415 or /v +woodshop

    Hello Everyone!

    All types of wood are well stocked (yes, even acacia or dark oak).

    Every type of Light is now available as well! Even the new End Rods!

    You're also invited to come enjoy the great boating or fishing.

    Feel free to make this your home away from home while stopping by smp4, Free Anvils, Crafting Tables, Ender Chests and Enchanting.







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  2. Nice! Love that it's one SMP4! :D I'll stop by during the week!
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  3. Very cool though I recently bought a lot in DC amounts so i won't need to shop there but I will in future
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  4. Bump. Thank you everyone for the business!
  5. Silk Touch Iron Axes now in stock.

    Thanks again everyone whos been coming by and recommending the place to your friends :)
  6. All the new 1.8 Doors and Fences are now on display at the woodshop! Stop on by!

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  7. Vines are also instock! Get them while they last, these new 1.8 craftable blocks are awesome.
  8. Middle of the day bump for the east coasters :)
  9. Restocked, bump :)
  10. Suggestion- Bulk Buy Sign (9 stacks at a time)

    I had to buy maybe 36 stacks of logs from you earlier (still a great wood shop!) but 4 clicks vs 36 clicks seems more logical.
  11. I've added a 9 stack sign and 10r off per stack that way for Jungle and Spruce. Thanks again for business.
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  12. Restocked :) Thanks for your business everyone!
  13. I now buy all types of wood at great prices at /v +woodshop
    This is great steady cash for anyone. I also buy in stacks as small as 16, so it's a great "Job" for newer people if they ask.
  14. Bump, over 2 DCs of all wood types in stock now.
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  15. 1 Wall of oak coming up! over 2 DCs in stock now. Enjoy.
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  16. The shop is growing! Now every type of light In-Stock!

  17. I've added bumper lanes and one of each type of boat, so come by and boat all you want :)