Shop is taken by another player on my own res?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Knives2498, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. I destroyed a shop sign in my restaurant to change the price, and when i tried to place it back, it said "Another players shop is detected!" I changed prices before and I never had this problem, and I have no idea how to fix this. Please help! And I tried destroying the chest, the block the sign was on, and even the blocks around it. Thank you all and (once its fixed hopefully) visit my res!
  2. theres a sign too close to it
  3. All of the signs are at least one block away. Does that do anything?
  4. ive had a similar problem a couple of times on my own res, i usually dirt the entire area. relog, and dig the dirt out and try to place the shop

    edit: are you sure they are all 1 block away? a sign is a block itself, make sure none are adjecent to the shop chest
  5. yeah if signs are close it wont let you i had the same problem i just changed my shop around no biggie
  6. There is a sign on the back of it, but its not a shop sign. Its just a normal sign. And ill try that once I can log in smp6. (full)

    edit: Ok ill try changing it around. Thanks!
  7. yeah check all signs doesnt matter if shop or not
  8. What to do: Make sure there isn't a sign on the block behind the wall, log off, log back in (shut down and turn back on mc) And try to place the chest, then the sign again.
  9. Ok thanks! It worked! :D. If ur ever on smp6 come by my res. Thanks for the help!

    edit: Thanks for the input meincravta, but I got it fixed. Thanks though!
  10. yeahhh buddyyyyy told u broo way to gooo
  11. XD. Thanks! What server are u on? Ill come visit u/ your shop.
  12. im on smp5 check it outttt
  13. Alright! Come by smp6 to. :D
  14. ok cool did you see my wool shop
  15. No i havent gone on smp5 yet. Doin SRHMC's parkour which i recomend completely
  16. cool when done go to my wool shop its boss have every shade
  17. Im at it and dang its huge. XD
  18. Yeah sorry this is an old bug that I need to figure out exactly how to reproduce so I can fix it :)
  19. Whoa....justinguy just responded to my post....EPIC
  20. make a shop, place a sign on the block the shop sign is on
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