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  1. I tried to think about this from a programmers perspective rather then in "wild idea" format...

    Building off the concept of using signs to control shops, what if a shop controlled a sign?

    What I mean is, every time the sign for a shop gets accessed it checks for available, minimal amount of stock needed to complete the purchase. If the the sign could use that data and change a color code for the top line of the sign according to what it finds, we would have an easy way to tell people if things are in stock.

    I create a store and the first line is "LeoWaste". Instead, I make the first line "&ZLeoWaste". The "&Z" acts as a variable that changes from lets say, red"&c" to green"&a", depending on if enough items are available to make at least one purchase.

    What we would have is an instant way to see if anything is in stock making all of our lifes just a little bit easier. :)

    Further more.....We could make it default on every shop sign to have the name colored depending on the stock. This would save big shop owners LOTS of time from going through and adding little, "&Z"s to their signs ;p

    of course...if this is above Justins head and all...I understand.....(ok that was a joke, seriously...JK lol)
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  2. I like this idea and I can look into it. The only issue I see is having to check shops every time someone modifies the contents of the chest (like when you add or remove stock). It is doable just not sure how much work it would be :) great idea!
  3. Well if i had to tap the sign to update the color i would be a very happy person lol. Even with the downside it would be a HUGE improvment
  4. This seems like an extremely good and benifitable.....? (I think I spelled that wrong?). Whatever, its a good idea!
  5. Oh, wow, I can't even begin to put into words how much easier this would make my life, considering how big my store is.