[SHOP] In progress: 19300

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  1. Hey all!
    Currently working on what will (eventually) be a mall at 19300. I will update this thread with progress and let you know what stock is looking like :D

    As of 1/19/2015:

    2015-01-19_19.25.24.png 2015-01-19_19.25.35.png

    STATUS: Selling only high-demand / big ticket items (Diamonds, Gold, Emeralds, Wither Skulls, select Promos, you get the picture).
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  2. Any planned diamond prices? I will buy you out before you are in stock :p
  3. Diamonds are priced at 95r for now... I'll see how they sell/how the economy does before I change it too drastically.
  4. Am I able to buy now? :p I have bought out anyone I could find under 100 rupees.
  5. Yup! Shop is very open, just limited stock/selection as I work on it more.
  6. Thanks, I will have to stop bye.
  7. Bump. Everything still in stock. Adding a few promos from last year later today, as well as possibly some vouchers, so keep an eye out for those.
  8. Bump! Those promos have been added, now selling Lucky Bows, Cupid Bows, Maxarian heads, Taste the Freedom, Freedom Blades, and Vault Vouchers.
  9. Bump! Still stocked with everything! :)