[SHOP] Horse Shop by caseyrae18 - 14531 on SMP7

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  1. Horse Shop by caseyrae18 - 14531 on SMP7
    Visit the Horse Shop by typing "/v 14531" on SMP7.

    Here at the Horse Shop by caseyrae18 at 14531 on SMP7,
    I sell horses, donkeys, and mules.
    Conveniently, there are two other different shops nearby for my customers to browse.

    At the shop, I offer every color and type of horse you could ever want with speeds 90-115.
    All of these horses are priced at 100 rupees a piece.

    All donkeys are priced at 120 rupees per and mules at 115 rupees per with speeds 80-115.

    Also, you will find some other sale chests in the horse shop. I sell saddles, leads, and horse armour.

    In addition to those, I also offer other statted horses.
    Horses speed 90 and below, horses speed 115-120, horses speed 120-125, and donkeys and mules speed 80 and below.
    These horses are priced different accordingly and are all found in the back of where saddles and horse armour are sold.

    More info at the shop or through caseyrae18 on those and other stat horses, donkeys, and mules.

    Come check out the Horse Shop by caseyrae18 at 14531 on SMP7!
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  2. Now offering 115 to 120 speed horses and 120 to 125 speed horses separately in the back of where armour and saddles are sold. :)
    Also, if you are looking for even higher speed horses, just ask and I may have some set aside!
  3. Even more updates!!
    There's now an Information Center in the Horse Shop to help all of my customers maneuver around the shop, get information on the horses they want, and direct them to an even wider array of horse stats that may not be available for sale directly through the shop.
    (I keep those in a special chest for those who'd like to purchase them!)
  4. Some slight changes happened a couple days ago...
    All the color-choice friendly horses for 100r are now speeds 90-120!
    A very cheap price for possibly more-than-average horses.
    All horse colors were stocked with a very high stat in the first slot,
    so whomever buys first will get a good deal for sure!

    Also, I am now offering 125-130 (limited) speed horses in the back
    of where saddles and leads are sold.
    Get them before they sell out!
  5. are you still selling horses i need a 130 speed one