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  1. Hey guys, CoopDawg here
    Im just wondering if anyone would want to own my super mall with me at 15397 on smp7
    If you would like to apply just PM me why you want to and would everyone benefit from it



    (note: ill inbox you the results of who won)
  2. Well, I might be able to help a little, I host my own farms and such on SMP9, but if you truly do need a co-owner, I'd be happy to oblige. I don't have enough room to make a shop on my res, that and it's quite a lot of work, so I'd like to help you. We would both benefit, I can supply some things, such as cobble, obby, and various farm items ( melon, cactus, wheat, etc), but not everything as would someone who went to the wild often, I don't like to because I often get lost and die and lose all my stuff :/.
  3. hahaha awesome I would like you to come
  4. if you need someone else, i could help. i'm great at advertising and i know how to run things succsesfully :D
  5. Nice, another competition will arise within the vast economy of the Empire!
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  6. lol I would help but my Jimbo Mart is taking up all my resources to make.
    Also I'm making a town in the LLO so that dosent help either
  7. :)
  8. Keeping busy are we?
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  9. :D
  10. So I was vetoed? I checked out the shop. Looks great :D
  11. Yes you are! Thre is still spots for 1 more!
  12. I could help. Anything made of wooden planks, I could provide for you as I have chests filled with them
  13. Awesome thanks. ill get back to you.
  14. vetoed means denied :rolleyes:
  15. Well thats awkward haha well you are in I meant! haha
  16. I knew something was wrong there...
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  17. bahaha
  18. Is this mall up and running yet?
  19. I am to "busy"