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  1. (8992) - BFInc. - (8992)

    Cheap and loads in stock BFInc's shop now provides a great source of cheap gems & building blocks! Only at 8992!

    Prices include (Per):

    Gold Ingot: 7r
    Iron Ingot: 2 for 3r (1.5r per)
    Emerald: 20r
    Diamond: 50r
    Quartz Block: 14r

    Prices Include (Stacks):
    Oak, pine, birch and jungle logs: 100r
    Sand: 40r
    Sandstone: 80r
    Glass: 75r
    Stone Brick: 40r
    Stone: 40r
    Cobblestone: 22r

    Except for diamond and Quartz Blocks there are multiple purchase signs.
    1, 8, 32 and 64 options. (There is 1 & 8 options for diamonds and Quartz Blocks)

    Large stock in all chests!

    Come down to 8992!
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  2. do you need an emerald supplier?

  3. Mudder o' gahd..

    You'll deffo be seeing me soon lol
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  4. you are now out of diamonds, quartz and emeralds
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  5. Oh and gold :p
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  6. first world problems;)
  7. Oh well.... time to restock! I will update this thread when we've finished stocking :)
  8. We've been working hard and will be open soon with a lot of stock! (Diamond stock may be low due to the rareness of finding a lot of them)
  9. We've now reopened! Stock in all chests!