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  1. So for the past few weeks I have been constantly working on a "project" on my 2nd res (10018) and have had move turned off. Well I am finally here to tell you what I have been working on. Now if you werent very smart and didn't see the title It's "Dragon's Pet Shop"

    This shop is a shop that I dont think any of you have ever seen before. So when you go to the res there will be tons of pets. There are many different ones like horses wolves and yes skyfan's.... even squids (Oh no the horror!! -_-)

    When you look at a pet you will see that each pet is already pre-named with a name.
    I am not gonna go into big detail on how to purchase the pet cause I already made a book that everyone can access that explains mostly everything.
    So i dont want to make this op to long cause I know most of you dont really want to read a big line of text its not very fun xD.
    So I hope you like this shop that I have made cause it took me awhile and alot of work!

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  2. Don't worry brother, I'll help you edit this post and make it more Prettah :)

    Update to come soon
  3. <3 brotherly love :p
    I would like to buy an animal for a pet but, I dunt see any prices o3o :p
  4. I put screenshots but there not very good you should check it out then :p