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  1. I've been playing here for a while now and have had successful stores that I think look nice and provide simple layouts.
    Personal Residences:
    smp3 7171
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    And smp9 19308 (work in progress)
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    Other Shops Ive done smp3 7117
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    Best Minecraft Servers

    While i dont foresee building a huge mall for people who cant keep stock levels up I would like to venture into building other shops. If anyone has an interest in having a shop built pm me and we can work out the details.
    (I can also make redstone farms, contraptions)
  2. Where did your Target shop go on 5?
  3. Can you build homes?
  4. I let people loot it and grab what they could for fun
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    And I could do houses too. It all comes down to the size.
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  5. I think your a good designer!
  6. I will PM you