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  1. I think a nice feature to have on shop chests would be a Chest Inventory Level to address a few of the problems I see regularly when visiting shops.

    The most obvious problem would be when I go into a shop and find myself clicking on signs above chests that are empty or nearly empty.

    I also see a lot of stores where someone doesn't want to change their sign on an item whose prices may change often, usually ores. They place multiple chests with different prices leaving me to guess which one actually contains stock. If I could tell at a glance which has stock, I could tell what the real price is rather than clicking on them all in order from lowest to highest.

    Last, if I want to sell stock to a shop, this would also enable me to tell which chests need stock without having to PM the chest owner or guess. I work with another person to run a shop and have container permissions there so I can monitor the owners chests, but selling to other shops is a problem. The owners don't always want to be bothered to let me know what they need so I can produce extra stock for them and I don't want to produce a bunch of extra inventory in the hopes that I can sell it to someone's chest.

    I haven't seen any suggestions like this anywhere on the forum yet. Has this already been discussed? Sorry if this is not the right place for this request.
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  2. This is something that has been suggested before and is worth looking into when I rewrite the shop plugin :)
  3. This could be great
    i am not quite sure how the plugins work but mabye you could left click a shop chest (if you dont own it)
    and it tells you how many of that item is in stock??
    just a suggestion :D
  4. Spenser6 - Left clicking buys by default. Since the plug-in has to check to see whether the chest it empty anyway, I would expect it would be done automatically rather than initiated by the user. Like when the sign is created, when something is bought or sold, or when something is placed in or removed from the chest. Probably some formatting character the owner would be needed to place its location on the sign or maybe a fixed location like at the end of the first line after the owners name.

    I see programming issues with it. There are a lot of chests over any given server so it'll inevitably add to bloat. Also, people don't always set their purchase quantities thoughtfully. I found a deal the other day and bought about two stacks of iron ingots one ingot at a time so the sign would have updated 128 times while I was madly clickety clicking on it.

    Also, how would the number be formatted? Total number in the chest divided by the buy amount seems most likely. This could be a big number if the buy amount is one and the chest is full of seeds. Precious space on already potentially cramped signs.

    I still like the idea and hope JustinGuy can figure out a way to do impliment it properly. Next thing you know we'll be asking for bigger signs...
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