[SHOP] Bulk Blocks + More! 16922

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  1. Buying and selling in bulk quantities of 64, 192 and 1728. 10 double chests open for each item!

    +kry or 16922 on SMP8

    Floor One: Ice/Snow, Sea, End & Stones
    Floor Two: Nether
    Floor Three: Wood, Leaves & Nature
    Floor Four: Honey/Slime, Desert & Building Blocks
    Floor Five: Concrete, Wool, Glazed Terracotta & Regular Terracotta
    Bookshop: All Enchanted Books 99r

    Spawn Specials: *Recent Promos* and Shulker Shells

    *2022 BDay Cake - 5k
    *Labor Variants - 17k
    *2022 Empire Firework - 17k
    *Dominick - 17k
    *Ugly Sweater - 17k
    *Little Sapling - 5k
    *Little Tree - 5k
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  2. Bump, promos selling at a discounted price!
  3. Bump, buying hundreds of thousands worth of blocks!
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  4. Bump, come buy and sell!
  5. qestion u sell ore
  6. Like ore blocks? Not yet.