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  1. BAD
    Enchanted Books And Discs

    BAD has recently went through a renovation and prices for enchanted books has dropped LOW, LOW, LOW.
    Enchanted books are CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP.
    Don't buy a book anywhere else without checking out BAD first!!!

    Here are some of the New Prices:
    Protection IV - 600 rupees
    Sharpness V - 750 rupees
    Unbreaking III - 300 rupees
    Efficiency V - 600 rupees

    These Prices Are AMAZING!!

    And because we at BAD love our fellow citizens of the Empire we're running some limited time specials:
    For The Miners
    Fortune III - 300 rupees

    For The Warriors
    Looting III - 380 rupees

    BAD Mission Statement
    We at BAD are dedicated to the task of making sure that whenever a citizen of the Empire steps foot into the frontier, waste, or nether they will be wearing the most OP armor and carrying the most OP tools or weapons to aid them in keeping safe and performing their tasks for the day. We will not rest until this goal is acheived!

    At smp5 /v 10959 or /v +ebooks

    Remember: Don't Get Mad, Get BAD!
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  2. I like it :)
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  3. I'd like to buy the Sharpness 5 please! :D
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  4. Shoot I forgot the location. The shop is at /v 10959 or /v +ebooks on smp5. Cause I would like you to buy it too.