Shop at 18842 on SMP9

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  1. Some of you may remember my old shops on SMP9 that were fairly large. I've been out of the shop business for quite awhile but I'm slowly getting back into it. I've started building a shop on 18842 on SMP9.

    My most recent addition is a horse shop where I have the following items:
    Hay Bales - for feeding
    Name Tags - for naming
    Saddles - for riding
    Iron, Gold, and Diamond Barding - armor for your horse

    Obviously some of these are more rare so it's likely they'll get bought out but I do a fair amount of adventuring so they'll be restocked.

    I also have a music shop I've opened up and I have a few discs for sale, right now I have "cat" and "13" but there will be more coming.

    I also have a smattering of other items in the shop including Iron, Gold, and Lapis blocks. I do only sell them in block and ore form, I'm not selling the ingots or individual pieces. I also sell Diamond Blocks and Ore but it seems I've been out of the shop business so long that I didn't realize the prices went up so I've been consistently bought out of all my diamonds within minutes of putting them in the chests. Back when I was regularly working a shop the price of Diamonds was 40r. I've raised my price to 45r per diamond but I'm still being bought out. I don't really want to raise them up above 50r which is the norm it seems.

    I also have Obsidian, Ice, Glass Blocks and Panes, Mossy Stone, and several other building blocks. I've got TNT for diamond supporters. I've got some spider webs so with Halloween coming up you might want to pick those up. Spider webs can't be crafted and are only available in /shop so I might be the only shop other than the main shop that has any for sale.

    Anyway, come check out my shop :)

    If you find that any of my prices are unfair then you can private message me in-game and we can discuss. I'm all about everyone having a good time playing and I'm not trying to rip anyone off. I will research any pricing disputes.

    OH! and I forgot to mention that I have a rather excellent firework show that I can put on the shop res as well so just ask me if you'd like to see that. It looks best at night obviously though :)