1. Hey Guys. I am creating a really cheap shop on smp2 and i am looking for suggestions, donations and suppliers for my shop. Pls check it out if you get a chance!
    if you donate, your name and res will be put up on my donation board.
  2. 479 rupees donated:D now my r balance is 54321
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  3. np:D and your skin is so oxymoronic, sky and squids...
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  4. ikr
    on supercraft bros once, i got teamed on by 3 blazes :( i was demolished.
  5. who made you signature?
  6. sparertosater, if u want to get aa good one goto signaturecraft.us
  7. what font was it
  8. and how do i save it after i got it
  9. You guys can get so off-topic :p
  10. bumpity bump bump
  11. Go where??
  12. signaturecraft.us
  13. bumpity bump bump