Shop 19144 Finished!

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  1. The building of shop 19144 is now finished! The shop will be fully installed next week. Feel free to discuss this awesomeness!

    Special Thanks to ShadowPARLE for helping me build this, The awesome community of smp9 for support, and all of the people who donated towards the shop! This wouldn't have worked without you!

  2. Last Night I added a extremely fun and challenging parkour course on the game level (top floor) and more games are coming soon!
  3. Now selling and buying ores and wool! Apply usin this method if you would like to own level 9!

    Time on EMC:
    What I will do with level 9: (its okay if your building a shop)
  4. Name:gabe627 (in rl Gabriel)
    Time on EMC: Almost 1 month
    What will I do with level 9: I am making a enchantment shop with very good prices and u get 75 percent off and 1 free item a month
  5. Hey Josh, Just a tip, If you haven't already you should probably turn off fire spread on your resident. I see your shop is made entirely of wood and it would be a shame to see it burn down.
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  6. Btw, I donated 10k to your shop and i don't see my name on the donation board:)
  7. Dude, why did you say your real name?
  8. CreppaNinga235
    Almost 4 months
    Making a good shop with some tweaks...
  9. Cause I can
  10. But now I know your real name ill report it to ICC >:D
  11. It's not like their going to hunt you down and kill you if they know your real name. XD
  12. XD fine ill let it go...
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  13. Sorry Guys, I have been away for the past week and I have not been able to get on. I will get on in 30 minutes or so and add you zbalda
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  14. Would you mind looking at your rupee log and/or sending me a picture? Somehow I didn't receive the rupees.
  15. Granted, I am giving you the left side of level 9 (there are 2 separated sides). I will give you build perms and you build you shop. I have also made you a teleport at the entrance.
  16. Check your rupees history.
  17. I did, and I have not seen it. Although my rupees are flooded because people have been selling and buying my diamonds and I used a lot when building. I am asking him to check so it will be easier for both of us.
  18. josh I should have some enchanted items tonight in going 24/7 so should have like 20 things
  19. Ok, I have given you build perms and I set up a chest that has chests in it. You can get on an build it whenever.
  20. Gabe627 Has backed out, so I still have 2 slots available!