[SHOP] 17952 Promo Shop

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  1. Shop is closed temporarily.
    I have recently set up a promo shop on my alt's res (CutoStyle).
    It has eight chest shops that will change promo when bought out.
    It can be visited with +csp on SMP8.
    Current promos in stock:

    Unused Dasher: 1 in stock - 65,650r
    Dragon Stone: 12 in stock - 10,00r
    Marlix Leggings: 2 in stock - 30,000r
    Avalauncher: 3 in stock - 40,000r
    Marlix Chest Plate: 2 in stock - 40,000r
    Vault voucher: 3 in stock - 9,900r
    2015-2016 New Year Firework: 1 in stock - 12,500r
    Unused Cupid's Bow: 2 in stock - 16,000r

    If you believe prices should be changed, tell me and I'll consider it.
    Prices are based off of other shops price's and the stock.
    Thanks :)

    The new shop is up! Now moved underground and has a lot more room.
  2. how much for used dasher
  3. I don't have a used dasher, only unused. Buy it from the chest shop at 17952.
  4. i read that wrong sorry
  5. Bump! Changed the Blizz Ard arms to a pair of Marlix Boots! Come and check them out at /v 17952 or /v +csp!
  6. Bump! Shop has the new tag of +csp due to name changes. Residence is still the same: 17952!
  7. Mornin' bump! Currently working on a larger and more permanent shop that is expandable.

    /v +csp or /v 17952
  8. Afternoon bump! Changed Marlix Boots to Marlix Leggings as they were sold.
    Done some research in past auctions prices and set the price as 30k.
  9. Morning Bump!
    +csp or 17952
  10. Bump! Added prices to thread with some colour :) Added a Dirt Destroying Tick Tock to the shop
  11. Bump! Added an extra Avalauncher to the shop :)
  12. Bump! Now not just selling promos: a 3 DC capacity shop for hardened clay has been added. On your right as you teleport in.
  13. Bump! Restocked tons with the recent 400k event!
    +csp or 17952!
  14. Now selling Marlix chests!
    +csp or 17952
  15. Bump!
    +csp or 17952
  16. Bump!
    Added Mineral Mincer for 52.5k and restocked the Avalauncher and Vault Vouchers.
    Removed the July First Firework.
    +csp or 17952!
  17. Bump!
    Mineral Mincer bought, 2 Unused Cupid's bows added (16k per).
    +csp or 17952
  18. Bump!
    +csp or 17952!
  19. Bump!
    +csp or 17952!