Shooting Paintings in town

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ironlion, May 7, 2012.

  1. So I placed some 150-250 paintings in my tower, only to come back and find 90% of them had vanished a bit later.

    I'm told that people can shoot paintings with bows and arrows in town to remove them? If this is what happened, simply: not cool.

    I rather like having people able to explore my house, but do I really have to close it off to protect it from things like this?

    If I catch this happening, say goodbye.
  2. You just aren't having a good time of it are you? :(
  3. what I would suggest is take them down or block your residence.
  4. yourl also find mine crart can be taken lol not imprest had to close my coster people keep stealing them
  5. They need to fix this i guess becasue thats just not right... i would get mad because all that wool would cost like 100r and i need every bit of Rupees i can get.:eek::cool:And what poor person would steal that many paintings... what use would they have? well i hope this issue is resolved.
  6. When I built the maze area in the amusement park on smp3, I also placed paintings around the room, only to discover they disappeared every time I replaced them. I don't think this is caused by people breaking them, likely a glitch/bug. Even more likey an art thief within the server code, stealing paintings to terrorize players on EMC. :p
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  7. A art thief..... good idea to become one ;) earns lots of money in real life :D just kidding
  8. Bad color your Blue try to find like this : blue
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  9. well, no worry about the wool or wood- I can get more of that easy. Arrows, however, might take more effort.

    It's not really about the stealing. :p Paintings cost what, a rupee a piece at some stores? and I make most myself so they cost zero XD.

    No, it's more about the effort of hanging them, etc. OR that some Scumbag Steve that enjoys greifing who has as of yet has managed to not get banned from EMC.
  10. I too have noticed paintings disappearing from my rented room on SMP9 -- my walls are positively boring now because I got tired of replacing them :(
  11. Broken...
  12. I just tried to shoot paintings at a friends res and its not working :D So its not by using the bow and arrow
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  13. I had a few in my res as well. I never heard anything regarding shooting them. But, if that is the case.... try putting them behind glass. Might look cool to light them up from below as well.
  14. Oh look, happened again just within the last hour or two while i was online. Fantastic...

    Whoever is doing this, it's turning into harassment. And it's going to stop. Step carefully.
  15. I wonder if this is the case. I haven't been in a res with a painting since this was mentioned....
  16. I seriously don't think this is another player stealing them, just an unfortunate glitch.
  17. It happens.... I just shot a painting in margaritte's wild res (sorry margaritte - tried to replace it, but haven't got the same one after 20x tries). Anyway.... didn't get to try it in a res.
  18. I imagine a res would be a bit different, unless the shooter has build perms on the res they shouldn't be able to alter any of the structures or placements (with the exception of minecarts of course) :)
  19. My paintings inside my house havent disappeared and my employer has paintings in the open and I dont think that he has had problems with them disappearing..