Shon's new Tower

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  1. Hello EMC!

    Today i'm here to show you the new tower i'll be making on my residence. I'll be taking down mansion and replacing it wit this. Got tired of the mansion quite fast :p

    But... I need help with some stuff. I'm having a hard time thinking of what i should call it...
    Looking for some names, please if you could suggest some, that would be great. I want it to represent EMC in a way.

    I would also ask if i should have any additions or deletions?

    Here is what it looks like currently on creative mode:

    If you could please leave comments on additions or deletions or even a good name, that would be great and highly appreciated, thanks,
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  2. i need to make somthing cool on my res
  3. looks good im gonna start one soon aswell!
  4. The tower of towerness
  5. Hellshire sounds cool, goes good with building too ;)
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  6. I might name mine optimum tower:D maybe urs could be millenium tower?
  7. hmmm
    i like hellshire...
  8. You should make a giant version of that, the size of a whole res, and use it for a huge mega mall! :D
  9. How about....
    (This is just for a joke)
    The tower of Babel?!?!?!
  10. How about i name it after a map in BF3, there is a map called damavand peak, so how about Damavand Tower?
  11. Neshwar Towers!
  12. Update, i made the tower 60 blocks high :p

    Should i make it bigger?
  13. Sounds nice too...
  14. How much bigger should i make it?
  15. About 30x30
  16. i like the thinness, it fits well for the place im putting it, but how about 90blocks high? 80 -90?
  17. You should make it wide enough for most of your res.