Shiny Arrows Won't Stack!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Jeanzl2000, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Meh shiny arrows won't stack!!!

    I have 13 and 3 shiny arrows and when I try to stack them together they go back to 2 stacks so chestshop doesn't detect is as 16 arrows.
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  2. Are you sure that both stacks are shiny arrows? Hover over them to make sure that one stack isn't regular; that would also explain why shops didn't detect it.
  3. I've also experienced this issue.
    The arrows will split up in your inventory, and act very buggy.
  4. Hmm, that's odd then.

    I guess you could still check what I said but I doubt that's the case seeing as multiple peels are apparently experiencing this issue.
  5. I've found that with great persistence, they will eventually stack, but it sometimes takes awhile...Perhaps try spreading them all out in a chest or your inventory, then shift click
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  6. This is a known but, Aikar is currently working on it.
    Until then, use cac's idea.
  7. I'm pretty sure they are both Shiny Arrows are they both have blue names and are enchanted.
  8. it seems to have been fixed but put them in your chest separated then close it then reopen it and place them together it worked for me hopefully it works for you
  9. same for the shiny flesh too ;)
  10. happened to me on sp. used mcedit to stack shovels then broke chest and they wouldnt stack
  11. u just have to keep combining them until the stay, then use "ctrl+Q" to drop it as a stack and when u pick it up, it shud be stacked. HOWEVER it may take a few tries. but it does work eventually, i have done it at least 20 times by now! XD
  12. I just reset my inventory with Inventory Tweaks until it works. Trying to get the item numbers to add to the list as well... May correct the crash issue when trying to stack unlisted items... :)
  13. try spreading them out in your inventory, then double clicking on one.
  14. i got mine working fine... but i only got 9 shinyness!!! Also got 3 Diamonds off enraged skelly!!!
  15. They sometimes drop in stacks of more than one, but you can't seem to stack individually dropped stacks. I have practically a SC of shiny things because of this... >.<
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  16. Constant attempts at stacking arrows did not yield any results. :(
    Tried adding "Shiny Arrows" to the name, no change in the sort rules with Inventory Tweaks...

    I hope Aikar can do something about this soon. ;)