Sheeps And Dyes

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  1. Today all my sheep got white, I had lots of color sheep. Someone did this and i know that he/she can. If u dont have perms u still are able to change the color of the sheep with dyes, JustinGuy hope u are reading this cause i dont have any color sheep and i want them back.


    (PD: We tried with Qss this "trobule/glitch/bug" I dont got any images from b how the sheep were going but i have one of the actual ones.

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  2. OR.... you can just dye them with the dyes at my store... SMP3, 7291.
  3. The thing is i did had sheep with colors and now there all white, i found,collected,crafted,smelted all the dyes
    and i dont think is right that now all my sheep are white.
  4. Mods cant spawn colored sheep.
  5. This happens to me sometimes but the thing is that my sheep are in a non accessible area.
  6. Maybe all of your colored sheep died while you were gone, and all of those sheep are just new ones?
  8. Was told my image wasn't about now?
  9. Lol weren't you the suspected griefer of Mrlegitislegit's wild base?
  10. Here's an idea: Put your sheep behind a door. One that only you can open.

    I think I just solved the mystery of the sheep-whitening!
  11. Alright, that Snow White thing is now saved in my image folder. Laughed so much.