Sheep shaving

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Capt_Hound, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. If you shave a dyed sheep does the wool grow back the same color or white
  2. Same color.
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  3. It magically turns into a cow, flying in the sky, pooping rainbows. Obviously.
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  4. he was just asking a question no need to be rude
  5. It is called a joke.
  6. not the way he put it
  7. I doubt he was being serious.
  8. nevertheless he didn't have to make the remark
  9. 90% of posts on this forum are random and are playful. He didn't tell him to go die in a hole so calm down.
  10. It was meant to be a joke/fun comment, if you thought that was a serious remark, sorry for that then! ^^
  11. sqigglyjeff chill out everyone knows he was joking
  12. i realize he was joking so stop telling me to chill out im fine what im saying is when someone asks a question be serious other than that i couldn't care
  13. Dude, calm the language.