Sheep People

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Are you good at shearing?

No 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Kinda 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yea 7 vote(s) 87.5%
  1. Hello; I am going to set up a service for sheep shearing. If you

    Don't Know, I have 4th res that is a sheep farm the size of the whole res!
    There is over 100 sheep waiting to be sheared! So Here is how it will work:
    When you would like to start just ask by posting. Ok, So there will be a chest for you on the side,
    You can't miss it. In it will be shears. You will have to use the shears until they are broken.
    After the shears u used are broken and everything, Put the wool in the chest.
    The Pay
    The pay is simple, Here is how it works
    1 Stack-90r

    5 Stacks-450r

    10 stacks-900r

    27 Stacks-2,430r
    Now as i said. If you would like to start the service
    Post it on the thread. The res is /v demonthunder345-4
    I can get the res # later but for now just do that
    ps. Im used to doing /home-4 :p

    Selling to the little wool stands you can also sell your wool to it
    Here's how to sign up, just follow the application.
    Username: I_Like_Pie
    Are U good at shearing: I suck at it
    Do you lag a a lot: Is 70 fps good...
    Are You On A lot: 24/7
    Will you be able to bring your own sheers: Mhm
    Best Luck To You All!

  2. What server is it on?
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  3. Smp2
  4. Bump, anyone wanna sign up???
  5. Sure sounds ggood I'll be on sometime.
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  6. Ok sure :)
  7. Are the sheep all spread out, or concentrated?
  8. Well there are parts where they like to camp out in. I try to add and breed them a lot though :p
  9. I will do it!
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  10. Ok sure. I can set up chests for you guys once I get back home (on iPhone)
  11. Can I just walk in with my wool from my stores and sell it to you?
  12. Sure, if u have the colors I need
  13. Bump: Anyone may join; Ps that res isn't laggy one bit
  14. I see Sheep people...
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  15. Isn't there a sheep person on EMC, I remember seeing one...
  16. I could do it :3
    Not right now, though
  17. I think there is. With a cigarette as well......
  18. Ok...
  19. A shear... With the words on it saying " made in China "