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  1. im wondering how i can stop my sheep from climbing walls, i thought that putting a wall 5 blocks high would keep them in, but they always find a way out, and today i decided to build a pit 3 blocks deep with i fence rail hovering inside the top of the pit, sure enough, they are freaking out and glitching out of the pit, how do i stop this, and if im told that there is nothing to do, im leaving the server
  2. I dig pit 5 block deep and 5 block thick wall.
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  3. Animal glitching through walls is one of the known bugs, however, you can either breed the sheeps often to cover the loss, or try putting them in a 2 block-wide den. Almost all of us face this problem. You can visit some people's residence to see how they minimise animal loss through glitching. Hope this helps.
  4. I have my chickens underground in a large room. In the centre of the room is a fenced in square. I made sure to leave 4 blocks of space from the wall of the room to the fence, so if they do glitch out of the fence, they are at least in the same room. To get them back in I added dirt blocks 1 high all around the fence, and they just jump back in the fence at their leisure.

    I have yet to lose a chicken that I know of. Although I can't be sure, I have never seen random chickens wandering around my lot. Hope this helped!
  5. I keep all mine in one 4 or 5 deep pit, same as nnnnmc1 :)
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  6. i have this prob lol im thanks for the idears tho :)
  7. No need to leave the server bro! :) It's just a minor problem! :)
  8. Put a roof on.

    Animals don't glitch out of sealed rooms, they just sometimes briefly appear to. The only exception to this is when two animals breed close to a wall/fence, sometimes the baby will appear outside the barrier.
    I have sheep of different colours separated by 2 blocks, and have never seen any of them actually make it through the walls, it just looks like it sometimes.

    The sneaky beggars do sometimes get through my "airlock" pairs of doors between pens though....
  9. and you would leave the server because of glitching sheep.... lol wow.
  10. It is a Minecraft thing, nothing we can do, but you will have the exact same problem on any other server or single player. I think all the animals are getting new AI on 1.2 so that could finally fix this!
  11. My chicken coop is underground and the only way out is a tube with ladders 8 blocks high!!!!!!
  12. lol, nice
  13. I think 203 can serve as a good sheep example.