Sheep Farming Frenzy :D

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Jennypoo10, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I created a breeding ground for hundreds of colorful sheep at my residencey 3959 :)
    new members of the sheep family add onto the group daily and im going to continue to expand it. 2011-11-24_21.55.58.png
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  2. That'ssss a nice wool farm you have there...

  3. I hope my sheep will survive with only glass and dirt protecting them LOL:D
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  4. I'll buy orange wool from you. I plan on doing something with orange wool eventually, so I want to be prepared.
  5. i had a special breeding station, 2 sheep of each colour... but every time i left the server and came back i found out they had got out there cages and started to have a party behind my back so i KILLED THEM ALL :D on the other hand that farm has so many sheep i lag :S
  6. I should do that with Black sheep; I need around 5 stacks of black wool to finish my home :confused:. But does farming cause as much lag as "non-stop" rail boosters use to on SMP ?
  7. It may cause lag for you or anyone in that area....
  8. Hey! thats me in the nyan cat skin! to the left! i went to jennypoo10's lot awhile ago!