Sheep farm subscription price?

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  1. So as many of you know i have a mega sheep farm at4002 on smp2. I was entertaining the idea of having the farm be accessible to those who pay a weekly/monthly subscription fee to use it but wanted a general opinion as to how much i should make this membership cost...

    Please let me know what ya'll think =D

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  2. It's a good idea. Would we get access to the tree farms as well?
  3. no, im setting up a dif res with unexpensive build materials for the tree farm since it requires build perms
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  4. I would pay 500r per month... if it is better than the free sheep farm at 911 on smp1.
  5. wow! i didnt know one already existed. Well mine was more aimed toward being an exclusive sheep farm so you dont have just anyone using it at any time. Though, now that i know another exists, i dont know...
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  6. If you can make yours not lag, and have more sheep then I'd love to use it
  7. I would also be willing to pay 500 rupees per month to use it.
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