Sheep Escaping. Please Help!

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  1. Some days ago i made an underground sheep farm. The size of each cage is 7x7x5 blocks, i have 2 or 3 sheep in each cage. Everything is made of glass. When I login the next morning, all sheep are on different cages, or outside them. Please Help!

    I uploaded a pic of one cage, just in case.

    Thanks, Ale

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  2. Minecraft animals are glitchy. What I do is just dig a hole in the ground and cover the hole with some sort of block.
  3. Have same problem as you :/
  4. Your wall are only 1 block thick. Try making it 2 block thick or more. And also you got door going in it. animal do glitch door. My sheep farm got no door. gotta jump in from above.
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  5. @nnnnmc1 I like what you did there but why do you have like a block space then your fence is in the air?
  6. Those are decorative. Those fences are not neccessery :)
  7. I cant Play a Server Anymore:(