Shear Permission

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  1. Quick question. Is there an alternative flag that give users permission to shear sheep? (besides the use flag)

    I am planning to hire people to work for my would-be sheep farm, but I don't really want to grant use flags to all of them. (I want certain doors leading to certain sell chest sign exclusive)
  2. Nope, but there's been a lot of discussion over a shear flag. It might come soon...
  3. No, I don't think there is shear permissions, though I never really checked. I might be wrong, about /res set shear true, but not sure.
  4. there is only the use advice is to create the sell chests for exclusive people on another res if you have it.

    Experience: Have you seen the sheep farm at 4002? =P
  5. Yes, but I will start off with a "much smaller" sheep farm first xD
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