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  1. this it it its at the bottom

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  2. Ok there correct thing to have done here would have been to upload it on a free image sharing site, then linked it to shaunwhite in a private convo, that way the party involved doesn't get wind of your reporting of him/ her.

    I hope this gets sorted for you asap :)

    If I were in shaun's shoes I would not tolerate this at all and permaban teddy, discrimination of other players is totally not at all acceptable in the Empire.
  3. he was cursing me out
  4. The main thing mate, is please do not take what people say like this to heart, they are just people who get "kicks" from doing something like this.

    If something like this were to ever happen again, do not respond, and quickly get a screen cap (which you did, and good on you for getting one) then post it privately to a member of staff.

    People like this do not deserve to be apart of the empire, thanks shaun for banning him, I would have done the same :)
  5. I attempted to Ban Teddy58 in Shaun's stead..

    I was too late. :)

    Note to self: Read entire thread before attempting to do something.
  6. Hello I am Teddy58's brother and i saw what he said i see he did something really really stupid and silly of him but he's 8 and is really really sorry Sad_happyface. I would like you to consider what i said and as i said i am really really sorry in his behalf and i'm sure if you persuade shaunwhite1982 to unban him he will be so grateful and he will never do it again any way i am so sorry and so is he and i hope you accept the apology
  7. Personally i think he knew what he was doing, and we do not need people bullying others in private chat thinking they can get away with it because staff can only see global messages. Things were said prior to this screen shot which prompted sad_happyface to bring the matter to my attention, he was only able to capture a screen shot because teddy58 continued his bullying spree. I dont think the ban was inappropriate, if however it is overturned by a senior moderator or admin then i consider your brother very lucky.
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  8. I believe, if anything, the fact that he is a child is more convicting. Children are innocent people, they don't say 'mean' things on accident. He knew very well what he was doing, he was simply trying to avoid consequences by talking in private.

    I realize he may regret what he did now, but that is because he realizes that when he does bad things, he will be punished. It's a life lesson that he needed to learn, I just don't think the circumstances that caused it to come to pass were as he wanted them.
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  9. yes that's true but i did not realise it was continuous anyway all of these things are true and he shall learn from this. Hopefully
  10. Besides which mate, if teddy wanted to appeal his ban the proper procedure to do so is for himself to privately message one of the moderators or admins, preferably the moderator that banned him. Plus, no one must appeal on his behalf.

    I believe Dark_Liz stated it quite clearly here, please read THIS (click here)

  11. but he's 8 he can't sign up :(
  12. There is no reason why he can't sign up, you could help him fill out the form :) As far as I can remember, I do not think there is an age requirement on the forums, correct me if I am wrong staff.

    But yea, the easiest way to have done this was to have done it privately.

    You see, for had you done this, we wouldn't have had this whole shpeal in this thread in the first place :)
  13. You have to be 13 to join the forums. I just ran into a problem like this with a 9 yr old in game.
  14. Oh interesting, I never came across this problem, then again I am 18, so I wouldn't have :p I guess it is for the better of the forums :) Dont want underage lunatics rampaging the forums ;)
  15. true very true