ShatterSt0rm Shearing Co. is Now Open for Business

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  1. Looking for a bunch of wool?
    ShatterSt0rm Shearing Co. is Now Open for Business

    I've just set up a massive sheep shearing factory on my residence and am looking for those that would desire large quantities of wool.

    The goal is to eventually get a store open, but until then I am taking orders.
    I am currently on SMP9.

    • We have all 16 colors available.
    • Pricing is negotiable.
    • Delivery is available with a small fee.
    A friend and I already pulled off one job of 5 double chests.
    Just ask Michael_Nolan:

    Send in your order by PM, with your request. We'll discuss time frame and price. The goal is to make you a happy customer.

    Thanks in advance for your business.

    ShatterSt0rm Shearing Co.
  2. they are amazing great price and do the job right
  3. I'm looking for a bulk wool supplier at 4005 SMP2, you interested?
  4. as for i :)
  5. This is awesome can I have a peak at your setup because I have a massive factory on my residence on smp4 (9088) and I was wondering where I could make improvements. I understand if you want the factory to remain private :)
  6. Guys, no matter whoever says anything, continue with your business and don't become slaves of the capitalism (as if your not already).
    Don't just go and start being the 'bulk' supplier to other people, mainly because that money they will win from your work could be yours.
    I'm going to make a real big on this.
  7. He doesn't have to supply ALL his stock.
  8. may need another order from u guys soon :)
  9. could you say what the costs are for this wool image?
    i mean the sword and shield
  10. I greatly enjoy when members do things like this for our community! It makes YOU supporters too!
  11. Oh jah, i may want wool. and quite a lot.
  12. Good job bumping a month old thread?
  13. We will be working with you guys for sure. Atm we have smp9 19333 ready currently i getting the smp5 shop and making sme design and at smp7 14141 we need suppliers too.
  14. is this ment positive or negative?
    I thought you had a full automatic farm? but can you give me a idea about the costs?
  15. but I'm in SMP-7 so I can help if needed?

    start a converstation if you want my help
  16. Hi, i would love to bulk import your wool to my SMP6 shop. Can you quote me some quantities per week? All colours.
  17. Sarcasm/negativity.
  18. Ok I am serious about this order... how much for 20 double chests of white wool?
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