Sharpness V Books price check

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  1. I am trying to find out how much they sell for but it seems to be impossible, not updated thread and no one in chat seems to know, can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  2. Juding On past sellers I'd Say About 3-5k
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  3. Woah, that's a great difference with Sharpness IV, I guess it's a bit rare enchantment. Thank you ^_^
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  4. i enchanted 15 stacks books or so never had sharpness V on book
  5. Oh I see. I'm getting a few of them from a villager, I guess it's real good luck hehe. Will be setting a shop soon or maybe sell them here to anyone who wants to resell them, don't know yet.
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  6. Sharpness V can only be gotten from villagers and using an anvil on other sharpness books. Not from enchanting books
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  7. Ah, thanks, didn't know about that. I always have to check the wiki for info on Enchanting because it's a bit complicated hehe.
  8. Well its 3-5k now that I am going to be out of the market for a while. I used to sell them at 1.8k and my last SC I sold it for 800r each.
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  9. And why does it make such a big difference? I really know nothing about the market and all I can learn is welcome xD Maybe I should hold an auction for a few books with starting price 1.8k a book and see where it gets, then sell the rest around that price.
  10. 1800 sounds like a more legitimate price
  11. Reasonable price would be just a bit more than 2x the price of Sharpness 4,
    simply because you can get the very same effect with two sharp 4 books and few xp levels.

    I sell Sharpness 5 swords for 1050r per piece, but perhaps I should rise the price a bit :)
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  12. well getting Sharpness V its fairly easy it only takes dedication and a couple of clicks. Its not like you have to leave into the wild and have to hunt it down which would make more sense for 3k to 5k. but everyone their own, I'm just saying 1800r is a middle/legitimate price for Sharpness V I'd accept all the way up to 2.2k as its price but That would be the highest in my opinion.
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  13. This si what I thought, I checked the price for a sharpness IV, about 700 rupees, and I thought 3-5k was too much. 1.4-1.8k sounds more like it.
  14. I sell Sharpness V for 2000r. Been taking some of factors in consideration before deciding for price, and those were: Prices in another shops I went through at that moment, amount of emeralds my villager takes for the book (sometimes same level enchanted books can very differ from villager to villager) and whats the market price for emeralds and then some bit of profit on the book for putting effort in work with villagers. Yes, it is not mining in wild or facing monsters, but honestly I find this work with villagers to be very routine and tireding and it takes quite a time to harvest stuff for trades and gather emeralds :rolleyes:
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  15. That's true, it might not be dangerous but it's time and resource consuming, having to gather items to trade for emeralds, and the time it takes. Also, we have to count on the exp needed to make 2 IV books into 1 V.

    Plus, villagers have that annoying look that makes you want to throw them into a hole and pour lava on them.

    2K is good too, for the hard work. Guess that setting two or three shops with prices between 1.8k and 2k is fair enough.
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  16. I will be selling mine at 2k also :D hope that helps
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  17. Good then, and now we control this market, let's move onto higher objectives... Hear us come, Aikar, we are legion, and we plan to ruin the economy as well xD
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  18. umm when I come back in 7 months, I think you should fear me cause To put me out of stock on Sharpness V books is pretty complicated. I can get a SC easily and I did while running my shop. I was never out of sharpness V but always out of Projectile IV and thorns III cause those sell too much >_>
  19. I wonder if the shops with high prices such as more 3k or more for Sharpness 5 sword make any significant sales.
    Perhaps they sell something occasionally if they have customers that are too lazy to check in other shops.

    I've calculated that an experienced player makes between 3k and 6k per hour,
    so starting with a price based on that might be a good guess.
    Then, you'll see how many sharpness 5 books or swords you can - and want to sell per week.
    Exceptionally tedious and annoying work should always go with adequate compensation :)
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