Sharing hands gift exchange

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  1. I recently participated in the 12 days of Christmas thing and it was tons of fun for all. I then wondered why we couldn't do it all year. That idea led to the sharing hands gift exchange.

    How it works:
    1. Post 3 things you would like in the thread. Please no promo items.
    2. You will be matched up with someone after the "enter by" date and will need to buy those gifts.
    3. Drop those gifts off at my res on smp1
    4. On the gift opening date, all who participated will be able to come down and pick up their gifts
    5. People who asked for gifts but never gave anything will have their gifts passed on to the one who didn't get anything.
    6. Repeat the process for the next date.
    Enter by: January 23rd 2015 at 11:59 Emc time if you want to participate for next pickup date
    Next pickup date: January 27th 2015

    will also be participating so here is my wish list. You can use it as the base for your own.

    • Stained clay of varying colors
    • woods
    • lava (in buckets of course)
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  3. Good idea :p
  4. - Woods for carsten
    - Stonez for carsten
    - Diamondz for carsten
    • Diamonds
    • Quartz
    • Renamed Dirt
  5. Nice idea! I will do the next one, as I spent I think 60k+ on my Secret Santa :D
  6. This is a weekly thing so you won't be expected to drop big cash on this. Spending maybe 1-2k would be fine for this.
  7. Go big or go home....
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  8. Since there are only three of us, I will just post who is getting present for who.
    jkrmnj is getting for Colepuncher
    Colepuncher is getting for dragonhawk32
    Dragonhawk32 is getting for jkrmnj

    Come by smp1 at /v jkrmnj to drop off your items in one of the chests.

    You can enter now for next weeks event. If you participated this week, feel free to participate again.
  9. Diamond 16 at most
    Gold blocks who doesn't love em?
    emerald blocks Why the hell not haha
  10. - A life (what ever you define that to be xD)
    - a diamond renamed "hand" (we are sharing our "hands," right?"
    - A copy of one of Kephras's books
  11. Since people are entering again, I will continue with my old wishlist.
  12. Who is carsten?
  13. my cousin, iamcarsten
  14. Great Idea! I love it! I want my experiment to be somewhat like this except it is more of a trust based system involving services and gifts.
  15. Gold blocks!
    Renamed flowers :)
    Enchanted bookz

    EDIT: not sure if this is even open anymore. If not, ignore :D
  16. Seeing as this is suddenly getting lots of attention, it is back open. I updated the main thread to show the new dates.
  17. Sorry for the delay. Chests are set up and new dates are posted. If you are quoted here, please deliver by Wednesday

    Jkrmnj buys for
    Equablehook624 buys for
    Boozle628 buys for
    Neonkillah buys for jkrmnj (wish list in op)