Sharing a rupee account

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  1. Matthew816, Mario_909 and I are wondering if we could share a rupee account
  2. Nop. Bad idea.
  3. rupee acount?
  4. Not possible sorry.
  5. They want to share rupees, like a couple shares a bank balance. :)
  6. This would be a great idea. I would love this. So, like you could have 20% of your income go to an account. This would be a great idea.
  7. Its not a "Great Idea" its a very poor one, most couples shared bank accounts end up in misery and arguments.

    Just watch judge judy
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  8. There what - 150 people? Now look at the 1billion or so people who it works fine with.
  9. Lets say it takes really mature couples to have enough trust and commitment to open a shared account, that’s great but we are not talking about real life or even adults EMC is mostly made up of minors, this idea is poor as it will all end in arguments between shared account owners for the reasons mentioned above,
  10. See the first post in the thread.
  11. Um, happy - don't give out advise... shared banks work fine...

    Back to OP...

    If you want to share a rupee account - just add a few boxes of dirt behind an access door... place shop signs on these to 'sell' dirt for X amount - use those boxes to trade...

    Just make sure all the permissions are correct - etc etc..

    Shared Money.

  12. Not in my case, £10k later :(
  13. Um - lets stick to topic.... how about commenting on the OP... thx
  14. I've deleted all of the argument above, and lets keep this on topic. Just like on the servers, rudeness isn't ok. You can have a debate without it.
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  15. Personally, if you're in contact with the person enough to warrant sharing rupees, you can just give them back and forth as described above or with /rupees pay. All of my rupees and all of krysyyjane9191's rupees are our rupees, if she wants to spend them, so be it, and vice versa. We just pay them to each other each other if needed.

    It really just depends on the communication between the two individuals, and I think it wouldn't be a bad idea, but I believe that many new players wouldn't understand the implications of doing so and have their rupees taken advantage of.