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  1. I've just joined the server, and must say that i'm impressed! I have a question regarding shared housing. If two people want to both own the same address, is that possible? Basically i'd like to have the other person have access to everything on my lot, and vice versa (or we could use the same one).

  2. You can certainly live with one (or more) people on a shared lot, but only one of those players will technically own it. That player will have to give the other player(s) permissions to build/use, etc. on the lot. A note about doing this though, when you give someone build permission they can build or destroy ANYTHING on your lot, even to the extent of leveling your house and making a parking lot. I don't know what your particular situation is, but make sure you're sharing your lot with a trusted friend. :D
  3. This is 100% correct and sound advice. :)
    If you need to know anything about the commands, they can be found in the empire guide in the "commands" section.
    It appears that Justin or Jeremy have recently reclaimed some derelicts now too, so there are a few hundred more claimable lots for our homeless :)
  4. Thanks for the fast response! The person I'm fine with the person being able to level my lot if they wanted to.
  5. No problem! Best of luck to you both, and welcome to the Empire. :)
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  6. how do you you give someone permision to edit your residence
  7. If you mean to give them permission to build or destroy blocks, you can do it with the command:

    res pset (name of the player) build true

    A more complete and comprehensive list of the commands available to you can be found here:
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